Meet The Team!

Meet The Team!

Meet The Team!


Manages the Refine Team, supervises and organizes events, creates jewelry designs and produces them, takes responsibility for Customers, suppliers and school.

CEO/Managing Director

Mi Rae Han

In charge of all things concerning money; sets prices for products, prepares financial reports and controls the payment system.

Finance Director

Saskia Connor


Creates and maintains the website, logo, business cards and fliers, captures and edits product and model shots, quality checks and creates jewelry designs and produces them. 

Graphic Designer

Hellenna Messer


Decides company branding and themes, creates packaging, designs decoration for  stall layouts, poses product shots,  creates jewelery designs and produces them, provides inspiration, develops and promotes our company's environmental and ethical impacts.

Marketing Director

Shannon Liddell

Manages all social media platforms, creates connections with online influencers, promotes events and connects our company to customers.


Courtney Jansen